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New Park a Welcome Addition for Oasis Residents

October 18, 2016 / By
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[Translate] Above: Emily, 5, and Ivan, 9, Izar enjoy an afternoon playing at the Oasis soccer field.

Community Organizing in the Eastern Coachella Valley Works

September 7, 2016 / By
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[Translate] Editor’s Note: Karen Borja, Associate Director of Inland Congregations United for Change (ICUC), says the new park opening in Oasis proves that community organizing works to unlock the power of people and move communities forward. 

Transportation Celebration in North Shore Today

April 24, 2013 / By
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[Translate]                             NORTH SHORE — Inland Congregations United for Change (ICUC) will hold a community meeting to celebrate ICUC leaders’ efforts to improve access to public transportation to North Shore and to share the commitment to making this project successful over two years.

Kids Have Fun Exercising at Mountain View

April 23, 2013 / By
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[Translate]                         IVAN DELGADO/Coachella Unincorporated   OASIS – Thirteen-year-old Diego Martinez runs around the grassy field, throwing water balloons at the kids from his neighborhood — an activity new for this former Duroville resident.

Volunteers Needed for Duroville Clean-Up March 30

March 26, 2013 / By
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[Translate]   OASIS – Riverside County is partnering with Burrtec Waste and Recycling Services, LLC and community volunteers to lead a significant community clean-up to remove trash and prevent illegal dumping at Desert Mobile Home Park, known as Duroville, on Saturday, March 30.

Looming School Bus Cuts Cause Concern

January 31, 2012 / By
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[Translate] By Alejandra Alarcon and Rogelio Montaño Coachella Unincorporated With California’s budget crisis, residents are becoming aware of current economic issues the state faces.

Article Transports Mexico City Reader to his Eastern CV Childhood

January 11, 2012 / By
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[Translate]   Coachella Unincorporated welcomes and publishes comments from our readers. We recently received the commentary below in response to Rogelio Montano’s article about growing up in poverty, “In Mecca, Dreams of Utopia” (See link below for article).