ICUC-Bringing about Change in the Coachella Valley

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[Translate] By Tony Aguilar Trying to get your community involved in anything is a daunting task, much less in the area of policy and procedures, but this very noble undertaking could not be as effective without strong community organizers such as Yvonna Cazares, of the Coachella chapter of ICUC.

Proposed Taxes Could Mean New Parks for City’s Youthful Population

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[Translate] By Tony Aguilar, COACHELLA UNINCORPORATED Coachella, CA – The Coachella City Council unanimously approved a ballot measure last week that, if passed by voters in November, would create two new taxes and increase the recreational options for the city’s young population.

Celebratory Tone of Press Conference A Bit Premature

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[Translate] Senator Barbara Boxer speaks to a student from Saul Martinez Elementary School as activist Erin Brockovich looks on.