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Redefining Beauty: My Journey of Self-Love

July 21, 2020 / By

[Translate] By Rosa Gonzalez Andrade I am on a journey of self-love, where I’m fighting myself.

Walking in the Dark: we need representation to improve infrastructure in Eastern Coachella Valley

May 27, 2020 / By

[Translate] By Rosa González Andrade My community is beautiful. The people from the Eastern Coachella Valley  (ECV) are comforting and kind.

Incendiario Basurero en Thermal da Como Resultado Calidad de Aire Peligroso

October 24, 2019 / By

[Translate] By Coachella Unincorporated El incendiario basurero en la Avenida 66 y Polk Street en Thermal, Calif.

Thermal Dump Fire Creates Hazardous Air Quality

October 24, 2019 / By
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[Translate] By Coachella Unincorporated The dump fire on Ave 66th and Polk Street in Thermal, Calif.

Lenguas del Valle: Growing up queer, checking boxes and visions of the future

October 18, 2019 / By

[Translate] By Joseph Avila / Coachella Unincorporated Author’s Note: The sun shone bright against a bleach blue sky when I met up with Ruth Garcia (They/Them/Theirs), a close friend and 24 year old queer non-binary resident of Coachella.

The Power of Poetry & Self Love: An Interview with Adriana Torres

July 7, 2019 / By
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[Translate] By Fatima Ramirez / Coachella Unincorporated Author’s Note: An incoming junior at Desert Mirage High School, Adriana Torres is a gifted poet and strong advocate for mental health and body positivity.

On Feminism, Latinx Culture, and Identity: An Interview With Alexis Ortega

June 25, 2019 / By
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[Translate] By Fatima Ramirez / Coachella Unincorporated Author’s Note: Alexis Ortega is challenging what it means to be a Latina by being her most authentic self. 

Youth Voices: Make the City of Coachella a Sanctuary City

August 22, 2017 / By
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[Translate] By Olivia Rodriguez Our communities are under attack, and our safety is threatened. Our communities in the Eastern Coachella Valley are vulnerable because there’s already a lack of safe spaces and resources for our immigrant community.

10 Tips for Creating Your Own Successful Morning Routine

August 21, 2017 / By

[Translate] Editor’s Note: Getting up in the morning can be tough, especially after sleeping in all summer or after taking a few days off from work.