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Thermal Dump Fire Creates Hazardous Air Quality

October 24, 2019 / By
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[Translate] By Coachella Unincorporated The dump fire on Ave 66th and Polk Street in Thermal, Calif.

The Power of Poetry & Self Love: An Interview with Adriana Torres

July 7, 2019 / By
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[Translate] By Fatima Ramirez / Coachella Unincorporated Author’s Note: An incoming junior at Desert Mirage High School, Adriana Torres is a gifted poet and strong advocate for mental health and body positivity.

On Feminism, Latinx Culture, and Identity: An Interview With Alexis Ortega

June 25, 2019 / By
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[Translate] By Fatima Ramirez / Coachella Unincorporated Author’s Note: Alexis Ortega is challenging what it means to be a Latina by being her most authentic self. 

Youth Voices: Make the City of Coachella a Sanctuary City

August 22, 2017 / By
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[Translate] By Olivia Rodriguez Our communities are under attack, and our safety is threatened. Our communities in the Eastern Coachella Valley are vulnerable because there’s already a lack of safe spaces and resources for our immigrant community.

14 Back-to-School Self Care Tips

August 9, 2017 / By
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[Translate]   By Juliana Taboada With school starting so soon, I feel that as students it’s very easy for us to forget the importance of prioritizing our well being.

Q&A: Purépecha Artist Uses Music to Push Boundaries and Preserve Tradition

June 24, 2017 / By
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[Translate] By Paulina Rojas Editor’s note: Alma Ochoa is a Purépecha musician based out of the Eastern Coachella Valley.

Revocar Ley de Cuidado de Salud a Bajo Costo Impactará A La Mayoría De Las Poblaciones Vulnerables

March 23, 2017 / By
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[Translate] Nota de la Editora: Mientras la Cámara de Representantes se prepara para una votación sobre la revocación y reemplazo de la Ley del Cuidado de Salud a Bajo Precio (ACA por sus siglas en inglés), también conocida como Obamacare, Coachella Uninc.

For Female Farmworkers, Work Never Stops

December 23, 2016 / By
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[Translate] A look at the life of female farmworkers at home, off the fields (Above: Alicia Benito sits her family home in Mecca, Calif.

Coachella Uninc. Weighs In: Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

November 3, 2016 / By
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[Translate] Editor’s Note: Native residents from the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota are in a seven-month-long protest against the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline, an oil pipeline developed by Energy Transfer Partners.