5K, Music and Salsa Draws Residents to Cinco de Mayo Celebration

May 6, 2014 /

Photo: MARIA GARCIA/Coachella Uninc

Photo: MARIA GARCIA/Coachella Uninc


MARIA GARCIA/Coachella Uninc

COACHELLA – The City of Coachella celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a 5K run/walk, food, music and a salsa tasting competition on May 3 at Veterans’ Park.

The energy-filled celebration — and spicy salsa, of course — drew many volunteers, sponsors, musicians, and passersby.

Runners, such Duane Stone, Johnny Garcia, Noe Lerma and Dennis Bratt, ran the race to “stay healthy” and stayed for the salsa tasting.

“I came to watch the race, but I enjoyed the mariachi best,” said resident Alma Alvarado.

Her daughter, Arely Olivas, added, “I came because I was curious about the race. The singing was good though [and] the band.”

Singer EeVaaan Tre performed at the event. “I tried out a few of the booths, tried some of the salsa,” he said. “My favorite was the one that won, although the others were also pretty good. I don’t handle salsa very well.”

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