New “Hydration Station” Encourages Healthy Habits at CVHS

April 11, 2014 /


A student gets a refill at Coachella Valley High School's new water bottle station. Photo: COACHELLA UNINC

A student refills his water bottle at Coachella Valley High School’s new hydration station. Photo: COACHELLA UNINC


Editor’s Note: As part of the Rethink Your Drink campaign, a “hydration station” was unveiled March 21 at Coachella Valley High School (CVHS). Reporter Victoria Contreras interviewed Eloisa Lopez-Valencia, president of the school’s Environmental Club, about the impact she believes the water bottle filling station will have at her school.




Coachella Uninc: How will the new hydration station, or water bottle filling station, benefit our school?

Eloisa Lopez-Valencia, president of the Environment Club: This fountain will be very beneficial to our school for various reasons. It will serve as motivation for students to drink more water and, most importantly, to have access to filtered water. I believe it will also enhance and create a healthy campus at CVHS.

CU: Will you use this hydration station?

Lopez-Valencia: I would definitely use this fountain. I am aware of the importance of drinking water and look forward to refilling my reusable water bottle daily in order to practice healthy habits.

CU: Do you know anyone who is active or/and an athlete that will use the hydration station to its full advantage?

Lopez-Valencia: I formed part of the girls’ soccer team and continue to exercise on my own. Many of my friends also take part in sports, and I know they are excited to have this new hydration station on campus. As athletes, we are all willing to use it often.

CU: When you first heard of the Rethink Your Drink project, what were your thoughts?

Lopez-Valencia: Students often buy sugary drinks like Powerade instead of choosing a healthier alternative. I therefore grew very anxious and excited to see the Rethink Your Drink program introduced at CVHS. I knew it was going to be a successful method of influencing the decisions made by students when it comes to choosing a drink.

View photos from the unveiling event here.


About Rethink Your Drink

As an effort to reduce obesity, especially in children, the Rethink Your Drink campaign aims to reduce the consumption of sugary beverages and promote drinking water. As part of this effort, the RAP Foundation will continue to install hydration stations at parks, churches, schools and community buildings.  Partners in this effort include The California Endowment, Building Healthy Communities, Desert Recreation District, Boys & Girls Club of the Coachella Valley, FIND Food Bank, Inland Congregations United for Change, Coachella Valley Housing Coalition, Pueblo Unido, Our Lady of Soledad Catholic Church, and Health Corps.



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