2013 Star: Tizoc DeAztlan

December 18, 2013 /

Tizoc DeAztlan at the journalism workshop he organized for aspiring journalists. Photo: BRENDA RINCON/Coachella Uninc

Tizoc DeAztlan, center, at the journalism workshop he organized for aspiring journalists at The Date Farmers studio in Coachella. Photo: BRENDA RINCON/Coachella Uninc


Tizoc DeAztlan: Bringing People Together


Why his Star Shone Brightly in 2013

Tizoc DeAztlan, CEO of DeAztlan Consulting, wears many hats. He has been involved, often in a behind-the-scenes manner, in many noteworthy events this year in the Eastern Coachella Valley (ECV).

For example, as a consultant to Coachella Valley Association of Governments, he made sure that ECV residents had the opportunity to speak for or against the controversial CV Link at a community forum in Coachella.

“Without an interest from the Eastern Coachella Valley community, a valleywide, multi-million dollar project will move forward without input from its residents,” said DeAztlan.

He was also involved in coordinating the Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee’s successful visit to the ECV to discuss a compromise with Coachella Valley Unified School District over Coachella Valley High School’s “Arab” mascot.

DeAztlan is perhaps most proud of bringing the community together for the wildly successful inaugural Run with Los Muertos 5K in Coachella, a celebration of culture and health that drew hundreds to Coachella’s downtown on November 1.

Highlight of 2013

“To see the community come together, celebrate, and run at Run with Los Muertos.”

Biggest Lesson Learned in 2013

“The chance you don’t take can be the opportunity you sought.”

Goal for 2014

DeAztlan’s goal for the coming year is simple: “To be vigilant, resourceful, and effective.”


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