First Day of School Brings Mixed Emotions


The first day of school, August 12, brought anxiety and excitement to reporter Maria Garcia. Photo: STAYINFLYY via Flickr
The first day of school, August 12, brought anxiety and excitement to reporter Maria Garcia. Photo: STAYINFLYY via Flickr


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All summer long, I was looking forward to, and dreading, August 12 at the same time.  While this date seems to be right in the middle of summer, for me this was the day I returned to school.

Although the previous school year ended earlier than most schools, it seems as though the school year keeps getting longer and the summer vacation shorter.

I was excited about August 12 because I would get to see my school friends again. I looked forward to learning new things I may not have heard, or even thought of, before this school year. I was also glad to not have to stay at home, being bored, and having almost no one to talk to besides my parents.

However, I was also dreading the start of the school year. I will now have homework and projects to worry about. I am taking Honors courses and a leadership class, in which I will have to be efficient to be successful. There will also be planning with school events, like dances, class competitions, and book projects. I will also need to be a good example for younger students, as well as others around me. My carefree days will be over, and instead, I will be once again leading the stressful student life.

Then I realized the start of my sophomore year at Olive Crest Academy means I am one step closer to my dreams. Although it may seem like a long time from now, I will be attending college in three years. My career choice isn’t that clear yet, but I would love to be a writer. If that’s too far-fetched, even becoming a journalist wouldn’t be too bad. There are so many possibilities that I can choose from and so much ahead of me.

So I decided to focus on the positive and begin this new year with enthusiasm. Even though I was nervous, it wore off once I saw the familiar faces of my classmates. I thought to myself, “Well, think on the bright side. At least there might be people I can communicate with in some classes.” The thought of being busy and stressed out isn’t too fun, but it is easier if you are with your friends. I am now looking forward to having an even better year than last year.

Now, I’m just looking forward to May 22, the last day of this school year, and being one year closer to my future.




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