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Veterans Struggle with Loneliness, Depression, Hopelessness

March 20, 2012 / By
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[Translate]     By Raymond P. Bondad, Coachella Unincorporated   Every year, thousands of men and women exit the military with hopes for a new life for themselves and their families.

An East Valley Veteran Family

November 11, 2011 / By
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[Translate] An East Valley Veteran Family By Tony Aguilar Coachella Unincorporated As a sibling of two brothers in the military, I wish people would treat Veterans Day as a day to honor and remember those who have died to protect the basic freedoms that we enjoy every day and not just an excuse for not going to school or work.

Veterans Day As A Veteran

November 11, 2011 / By
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[Translate] Video featuring Coachella Unincorporated youth reporter and Army Vet Raymond P. Bondad by Raymond P.