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10 Tips for Creating Your Own Successful Morning Routine

August 21, 2017 / By

[Translate] Editor’s Note: Getting up in the morning can be tough, especially after sleeping in all summer or after taking a few days off from work.

Q&A: Congressman Raul Ruiz Reacts to Trumpcare

August 8, 2017 / By
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[Translate] Editor’s Note: Last month, Senate Republicans ultimately voted to reject a proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, also known as ‘Obamacare.’

Young Dancers Keep Traditional Folk Dances Alive

July 31, 2017 / By
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[Translate] By Paulina Rojas COACHELLA, Calif. — On a warm summer night the sound of shoes clacking on the floor radiated from the clubhouse at Las Palmeras Estates, a group of low-income housing units in Coachella.

Q&A: Purépecha Artist Uses Music to Push Boundaries and Preserve Tradition

June 24, 2017 / By
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[Translate] By Paulina Rojas Editor’s note: Alma Ochoa is a Purépecha musician based out of the Eastern Coachella Valley.

Heatproof Makeup Tips for Summer

June 18, 2017 / By

[Translate] By Paulina Rojas Summer is finally upon us and that means every makeup lover is asking themselves the same question, “How do I make my makeup last longer?”

Crece El Interés En Clases de Inglés

March 25, 2017 / By

[Translate] Encima: Vicente Rodríguez y Olivia Vaquera están fuera de su casa en Thermal, California (Imagen: Olivia Rodriguez / Coachella Unincorporated) Por Paulina Rojas THERMAL, Calif.

Interest in English Language Courses Increases

March 25, 2017 / By

[Translate] Above: Vicente Rodriguez and Olivia Vaquera stand outside their home in Thermal, Calif. (Image: Olivia Rodriguez/Coachella Unincorporated) By Paulina Rojas THERMAL, Calif.

FQHCs Providing Much-Needed Mental and Dental Care for Medi-Cal Enrolled Kids

February 22, 2017 / By

[Translate] By Paulina Rojas/ Coachella Unincorporated SAN BERNARDINO, Calif., Weeping as she narrated her story, Lupé (not her real name) an undocumented immigrant living in the Inland Empire, said she began feeling helpless and scared when her young son began having convulsions a few years ago.

Para Trabajadoras Agrícolas, El Trabajo Nunca Para

January 2, 2017 / By

[Translate] Una mirada a la vida de las trabajadoras agrícolas en casa, fuera de los campos (Arriba: Alicia Benito se encuentra en su casa familiar en La Meca, California.