Heatproof Makeup Tips for Summer

June 18, 2017 /

By Paulina Rojas

Summer is finally upon us and that means every makeup lover is asking themselves the same question, “How do I make my makeup last longer?”

Because I have oily skin and because here in the Eastern Coachella Valley temperatures can reach over 110 degrees during the summer, I figured now is the best time and place to see how much heat my favorite makeup products can handle. See the results below.

While many Youtube gurus rave about high end products, those products can be inaccessible for those that are just starting to experiment with makeup. For this test, I decided to put my favorite drugstore products to the test. Keep reading to see if my makeup was able to beat the desert heat.

  • Check In # 1 @ 11:30 a.m. – My makeup is looking pretty flawless if I say so myself. My skin is looking smooth and not cakey. The wings on my eyeliner match (for the most part) and my brows are ready to party.

  • Check In # 2 @ 3:00 p.m. – My skin has come into contact with the blistering desert sun, I have chowed down some fish tacos and had a meeting with our youth reporters. Our youth reporters assure me that my makeup looks good, and I believe them. My face is looking slightly dewy, not in a greasy way, more like in, “I just went for a brisk walk,” kind of way. My brows are still here for the party and my blush and bronzer have meshed together seamlessly.

  • Check In # 3 @ 8:00 p.m. – My makeup endured the work day and the nap that followed. My foundation, bronzer and blush have definitely faded and my skin is looking a bit more oily but not too terrible. My brows and eyeliner show no signs of fading and my liquid lipstick is looking good after reapplication a few hours earlier.

Check out my top picks from the drugstore for items you definitely need this in your collection this summer:

e.l.f. High Definition Powder in sheer

  • This powder will leave a seamless and matte finish to your skin and helping your handy work last all day or night.

Wet n Wild coloricon blush

  • The formula of these blushes is buttery soft with a subtle hint of shimmer that is perfect for that sunkissed glow.

Wet n Wild megaglo Highlighting Powder 

  • This highlighter is such a gem. It is buttery soft and leaves the perfect glowly finish to the skin. Can also be used as eyeshadow.

Wet n wild photofocus Foundation

  • This formula has a natural finish that won’t leave your face looking too matte or dewy. It is a very liquidy texture that makes it super easy to blend and is available in 20 shades.

Wet n wild photofocus Concealer 

  • Perfect for covering up blemishes and dark circles.

Wet n wild megaglo Contouring Palette

  • This product is perfect for adding definition to the face and also doubles as eyeshadow.

Milani Prime Shield Mattifying and Pore Minimizing Face Primer 

  • Will help create a smooth canvas so your makeup lasts all day. Also available in a strobing version for those looking for a little more glow.

Wet n wild eyeshadow primer 

  • Whether you’re going for a natural look or a bit of drama this primer will make sure your eye shadow and liner never fade.

Catrice waterproof liquid eyeliner

  • Whether you are into winged liner or something more natural, this liner will ensure your eyes stand out no matter how high the temperatures go.

Essence lash princess volume mascara

  • After one coat of this your lashes will be so long they’ll be reaching for the stars.

NYX eyebrow pencil

  • Great for those who are beginners at filling in their brows.

Wet n wild ultimatebrow mascara

  • This brow gel is a must for the hot summer months and will keep any stray hairs in place.

Wet n wild megalast liquid catsuit matte lipstick

  • This product comes in a range of colors and lasts all day.

Final thoughts:

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on makeup, there are plenty of good options at the drugstore for all skin types and skin tones. You might have to experiment with different products to get your perfect heat proof makeup but it is definitely not impossible.

About the Author:

Paulina Rojas is a native New Yorker, Paulina has spent the past two years reporting on the Eastern Coachella Valley. She joined Coachella Unincorporated in 2016.  While it is different from the concrete jungle of Manhattan, she feels right at home in Coachella. In 2014 Paulinagraduated with a journalism degree from The University of Houston and is a member of The National Association of Hispanic Journalists. View her author page here.