Coachella Uninc. Weighs In: It’s Not ‘Locker Room Talk,’ It’s Sexual Assault

October 18, 2016 /


Editor’s Note: A 2005 recording of Donald Trump bragging about forcing himself on women was released earlier this month. Since the release of the hot-mic recording, the Republican presidential nominee has dismissed his comments as nothing more than “locker room talk.” This has led several women to come forward with their own claims of being sexually assaulted by Trump and has energized a national conversation about violence against women. Coachella Uninc. youth reporters recently weighed in on Trump’s comments. Read their responses below:

His comments are extremely harmful and are so terribly disgusting. It’s horrible knowing that he actually believes it’s okay and he dismisses it as “locker room talk.” That right there promotes sexism, notifying men that it’s okay to talk about a woman as long as no one else knows, as long as it’s behind closed doors. It’s terrifying to know that people support him and his racist, misogynistic comments about women.

Juliana Taboada

His comments exemplify rape culture and it’s sickening that a person like that can be allowed to run for president. I also find it offensive and harmful that mass media was dismissive of his acts by calling them “rude remarks” and “lewd comments.” They should call it what it is, sexual assault. His comments perpetuate rape culture. He’s been a joke from the start and it’s upsetting to see people like Trump use their privilege to continue oppressing women, people of color, people with disabilities, our environment, etc.

— Olivia Rodriguez

Donald Trump sees women not as living people but as objects. His comments promote sexism and rape culture. He insults a Latina by calling her “Miss Housekeeping” and insults her weight by calling her an “eating machine.” He doesn’t have the right to offend people because of the way they look.

Diego Centeno

Trump’s comments were uncalled for and very inappropriate. He quickly dismissed these comments and referred to them as “locker room talk.” However, it is not just something to ignore. These comments are harmful to all women. We should not be seen as objects to men, and I think these comments promote sexism. Trump’s comments do not represent how men should treat women. Instead, he has set a negative example for young men for future generations.

— Amanda Flores

Trump’s remarks are disrespectful and misogynistic; they perpetrate rape culture. The worst part about his comments is that he arrogantly speaks about them as “locker room talk.” Trump is setting up a platform for men to idealize him as a role model. If I could respond to him, I would present some data regarding rape culture in America and how it affects women, and I would also ask him if in the future he will still address women in such a disrespectful way.

Anselmo Montez

Trump’s comments are really harmful because he’s talking negatively and inappropriately about women. Women deserve respect. For instance, with Alicia Machado, she worked really hard as a Latina to represent where she comes from. Even though she gained weight after becoming Miss Universe, her body belongs to her and nobody has to comment about her or any other woman.

— Liliana Nazario

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