Students Share Their Dreams for the Eastern Coachella Valley

August 25, 2015 /

Editor’s Note: During the summer, Coachella Unincorporated worked with six young people from the eastern Coachella Valley as part of the Coachella Unincorporated Summer 2015 Program.The youth reporters learned how to report, write and produce multi-media journalism, all with the goal of helping to build a healthy eastern Coachella Valley .

As part of their training, the youth reporters created this photo series based off of interviews they did with each other. Each student was asked to think about how they would describe themselves in one word. The students also produced a video sharing the hopes and dreams they have for the eastern Coachella Valley.

All the portraits and the video below were produced and edited entirely by students in the Coachella Unincorporated Summer 2015 program. 



“I plan to attend medical school and to become a pediatrician. I hope to provide care to those I treat.”

– Amanda Flores, 15


“I chose this word because I enjoy writing about the Eastern Coachella Valley, and I will be attending journalism school in the fall.”

– Johnny Flores, 17


“I chose these words because no matter what you do, in any situation, trying to be be a good person is of most importance.”

– Ivan Valenzuela, 21


“I chose the word ‘student’ because I am continuously learning from my community. I also chose the word ‘student’ because it is fun to continually learn.”

– Andy Pinedo, 19


“When my parents found out I was going to be born, it was a surprise. So life is huge surprise, and I’m ready for anything.”

– Karla Martinez, 16


“The last name ‘Duarte’ comes from my mother’s family. Growing up, I would hate that my last name ‘Duarte’ didn’t appear in any of my documents in the United States.”

– Bryan Mendez, 20