Alejandra Hits Thrift Stores with $20 in Pocket


Coachella Unincorporated reporter Alejandra Alarcon had fun hunting for bargains at local thrift shops.
Reporter Alejandra Alarcon had fun hunting for bargains at Coachella thrift shops.




COACHELLA – Going to thrift shops is always fun, whether you are looking for something to wear or random knick-knacks. So I jumped at the opportunity when I was challenged to find as many outfits with a $20 budget at the thrift shops in my hometown.

At the end of a fun day, I had found five cute tops, two pairs of shorts, and accessories (including a belt and a necklace) for less than twenty dollars. $19.35 to be exact.

Two of the tops still had the original store tags, with prices from $20 to $50, on them. I even got some roller skates!

Finding trendy clothes in your size at your local thrift store is a scavenger hunt, but the total savings is definitely worth the effort. Have some fun, be creative, and save money while clothes shopping – and help a local non profit at the same time.


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Thrift Stores in Coachella


New Life Thrift Store

1398 6th Street


Oasis Thrift Store

1544 6th Street


Galilee Center Thrift Store

1030 6th Street


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