Voto Latino Get Out the Vote Rally in Coachella Nov. 3

November 2, 2012 /


Voto Latino and actress/activist Rosario Dawson will join Assemblymember Pérez, Mayor Garcia and Dr. Raul Ruiz at a GOTV rally in Coachella. File Photo/COACHELLA UNINCORPORATED


COACHELLA, Calif. — This Saturday, November 3, 2012, in partnership with Assemblymember V. Manuel Perez 80th (D-Coachella) and Raices del Valle of Coachella, and with the support of Mayor Eduardo Garcia, Communities for a New California and Mi Familia Vota, Voto Latino Action Fund will host a “Get Out The Vote” rally.

The featured speakers will be Pérez, currently running for his third term in the State Assembly, and Garcia, running for his fourth term as mayor. Congressional candidate Dr. Raul Ruiz is also expected to attend. The rally will begin at 6 p.m. at Raices del Valle of Coachella, 1494 6th Street.

Latino voters hold the key to deciding elections up and down the ballot on Election Day. This rally shows the energy our community is bringing to these crucial elections — not just in Coachella but across California and America.

Rosario Dawson, chairwoman of the Voto Latino Action Fund, will be in attendance to support this weekend of action and speak to her experience as a politically-active and committed Latina voter.

“There’s so much on the line in this election, and I’m thrilled that Latino voters will be casting the deciding votes on November 6th,” said Dawson. “From choosing candidates that represent our best interests to voting on measures like Prop 30 and Prop 32, the impact we can have on this race is clear. I’m thrilled to join this event and help make this a huge weekend of action in Coachella.”

Assemblymember Pérez added, “With Latinos as the fastest-growing and second largest population group in California, the Latino electorate is poised to play a decisive role in next week’s election. We can bring change to our communities, but we need to vote. In order to secure funding for schools, to create new jobs and safer streets, we must participate in every election including November 6.”

“For our community, we have the power to decide our political future in this election,” said Maria Teresa Kumar, CEO and president of the Voto Latino Action Fund. “California may not be a swing state in the presidential picture, but we know that voters here pave the way on policies and issues that wind up on the national stage. That is why this event in support and recognition of community and organizational GOTV efforts is so important.”

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