Tattoo Shop Among New Businesses Making Mark on Coachella

May 11, 2012 /


Art & Ink Supply Company is among the 31 new business license applicants in Coachella this year. Here, co-owner Everardo Flores works on a drawing that will be tattooed on a client. PHOTO: Santos Reyes, Coachella Unincorporated

By Santos J. Reyes
Coachella Unincorporated


Coachella, Calif. — Everardo “Chip” Flores always had the dream of being a professional tattoo artist, but he never wanted to have his work misinterpreted.

Flores, along with his business partner Daniel “Dreamer” Giron, now has his own shop where he can practice the art of tattooing his way.

Art & Ink Supply Company, which opened last month, is among the many new businesses in Coachella.

The city has processed 31 new business applications since the start of 2012. At this time last year, the city had only received four new business license applications.

“We recently took action to reduce our permit building/license fees by 50 percent in an attempt to stimulate our own economy,” said Eduardo Garcia, mayor of Coachella. “We have seen an influx of applications occur since then.”

Although a new Sears recently opened in Coachella, the mayor emphasized the importance of small businesses such as Art & Ink Supply Company.

“We are excited to see an increase in our small business portfolio, as like any where else, small businesses are what drive our local economy in the city of Coachella and create jobs,” Garcia said.

Not everyone is excited to see the opening of the city’s second tattoo shop.

“I think tattoos add difficulty in finding a job,” said Emily Ramirez, a sophomore at Coachella Valley High School. “They’re aren’t really necessary and they look ugly when you get old and wrinkled. Very unprofessional.”

Flores explains that art can be very misinterpreted. Every individual doesn’t have the eye of an artist, and sometimes he feels his work or his message will be seen in the wrong light. Flores expressed that behind every tattoo there is a deep meaning and feels that society doesn’t realize that.

“I can truly say that some people are inspired and some people hate the art of tattooing,” said Flores.

He explained that drawing was something that always came natural to him. He has been tattooing for six years and has traveled to many tattoo conventions around the state.

“I’ve always been confident in my abilities, you just have to be patient and have the will to learn,” said Flores.

Prior to opening their shop, Flores and Giron worked at a tattoo shop in north Indio named After Hours. There, they sharpened their skills and learned the business side of tattooing as well.

“Opening a tattoo shop was something I never planned and (it) was in the works of God,” said Flores. “This was set down my path and I embraced it.”

Art & Ink Supply Company hopes to provide internships and help striving tattoo artists who share their passion.

Art & Ink Supply Company is located at 51645 Harrison St.

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