Thankful for Bus Transportation in East Valley

November 23, 2011 /

Thankful for Bus Transportation in East Valley

By Santos Reyes
Coachella Unincorporated

Here in the Coachella Valley we are all struggling as a community. One of the problems I hear about a lot in the valley has to do with transportation. The fact that residents can’t afford a car doesn’t stop them from getting where they need to go. I am thankful for the bus transportation we have in this valley. From experience, a lot of citizens from Coachella rely on the “Sun Bus” to get to where they have to go—to school, work, or just to get around in this valley.

I am thankful for many events that took place in my life. Through those times, I thank God for the little things and for the great things. Growing up, I have always viewed my grandfather as a hard-working man. Waking up at 6 a.m. to drag my brother out of bed to cut my mother’s lawn was his way to keep himself active. My grandfather had the responsibility of driving my grandmother around due to the fact she did not learn how to drive her entire life. They say things happen for a reason but though we don’t know why they happen we can’t stop them from ever occurring.

October 2001 was a time that struck our family the most. My grandfather was in a car accident and was hit by a semi truck. Thankfully, he survived but my grandfather had bruising in his head and needed surgery. The doctors conducted a test on my grandfather and realized he was a few seconds off, meaning my grandfather does not react to his actions as much as a healthy human being would. This caused my grandfather to not be able to drive anymore.

Over the years, my mother was there to take care of my grandparents and take them where they needed to go. There were times my mother and aunts were not available to take my grandfather somewhere and he had something to fall back on and rely on. My grandfather would take the “Sun Bus” sometimes to get around, either to visit his friends or family or to visit the local church. Being that the local market was a 15-minute walk, my grandfather found it faster to take the bus where he had to go. There were times my grandfather would show up to my house unexpectedly in the morning just because he wanted something to do. To this day, my mother still gives my grandparents rides. I am just still happy my grandfather has something to fall back on. I am thankful for the transportation that is here in the valley, not only because my grandfather has something to fall back on but also for the citizens of Coachella who don’t have the luxury of having a car. They know there is a bus to rely on to let them live normal lives.

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