Thankful for Being an Arab

November 23, 2011 /

Thankful for Being an Arab

By Noely Resendez
Coachella Unincorporated

This Thanksgiving I am incredibly grateful for my high school, Coachella Valley High School. “CV,” as its known to students, may have a negative reputation around it, but we stay strong and progress. Being a senior transitioning into college in a possibly larger area than the one I was raised in, I can say that going to CV has really prepared me and changed me in a positive way. Contrary to its reputation, CV is a school that prepares its students for a life after high school and helps them reach their goals and become people that will be positive influences in their community.

I am incredibly grateful for the teachers that I have had so far. Teachers are a big part of who we become and how high we aim. I have tremendous gratitude for how much our teachers believe in us. Even when the rest of the Coachella Valley frowns upon us and sometimes even some members of our own district don’t think we will amount to much, our teachers are there to motivate us and tell us that we will achieve our dreams. If it weren’t for the wonderful teachers at CV I would have never become part of Coachella Unincorporated. Not only did my English teacher Ms. Perez inform me about the program, she encouraged me to apply. If we didn’t have teachers like her most of us students wouldn’t know about so many opportunities that are out there for us.

I’ve had so many opportunities because of CV and many I wouldn’t have experienced if I didn’t attend CV. I’ve had the chance to have new experiences, learn many lessons, and expand as a person. Because of CV and the programs and academies offered at school, I’ve gotten the knowledge to pursue a career in computers, animation, or media. Thanks to an academy on campus, I’m on my way to becoming a certified web designer and I have also managed to learn valuable skills in leadership.

I appreciate my classmates so much because they motivate me to be a better student. It might surprise a lot of people, but CV students are quite competitive. We not only want to be the best in our school, but we want to prove that we’re at the same level as other schools. Even though we compete academically and in sports, we are close individuals that help each other along the way. Everyone on campus is connected in one way or another. I know that I wouldn’t have survived my high school years without a lot of my classmates and that I’ve made lifelong friends.

The greatest reason I am grateful for my high school is because of the spirit we all have. Once you’re an Arab, you’re always an Arab. Our school consists of multiple generations of alumni and it shows. At CV games, you are not only going to see current students and recent graduates, but you see people who graduated years, or even decades ago. One thing that Arabs are best known for is keeping their spirits high and for having pride in being an Arab because it’s part of your identity.

I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had in CV and all the lessons I’ve learned. I’m also thankful of the person CV has helped me become and the wonderful teachers and students I’ve met. I’m thankful for my high school and I’m proud to be an Arab.

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