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April 16, 2011 /

Australians and Canadians are out and in full force. Our camping neighbors are Canadian and we took in an Aussie girl that didn’t have anywhere to stay. They’re surprised that we are locals and ask us about the area and if we’ve lived here our entire lives. We tell them about its large Hispanic population and how there really isn’t anything to do.

Random girl despairingly asked if we were from “Chile or something” when she saw playing with a soccer ball outside our camp.

There is a roller rink in the camp area, apparently people think its a good idea to get drunk,skate and then proceed to fall.

Friday morning you could feel the energy in the air, people are excited to go in. This our Canadian neighbors’ first coachella and we give them some tips and insider info

Cell phone service at Coachella is actually not that bad this year, but it’s still best to include the time you sent the text in case there is a delay when the recipient receives it.

Always good to leave sets early if you want to see someone else. So you can get a good spot near the front.

Cee Lo green was really late. Cee-Lo: “Hey guys I have 20 minutes, let’s party!” Crowd: “BOOOO f-you!”

The Sahara tent this Friday was chock full of people. Just trying to get through that area was a hard. Electronic music is blowing up (metaphorically).

More girls are embracing the pasties….interesting.

The Gobi tent became inoperable around 9:20p.m….the acts there were delayed. People were understandbly mad.

The lead singer of Crystal Castles was visibly messed up on stage. She was singing disjointedly and you could really understand her. The music was still good though.

The Chemical Brothers closed the night. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Lights were epic, music was awesome and the people around me were great (and pretty).

So on Friday night I saw. Cee-Lo green, Afrojack, Erick Morillo, Robyn, Crystal Castles, Sasha and Chemical Brothers.

After the festival was over the camp roller rink became an impromptu dance floor, people were partying unril 6 am. I ran out of gas around 4:30

All around incredible time, can’t wait for round two on Saturday.

— Jesus Vargas, COACHELLA UNINC.

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