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October 1, 2014 /


The second training session for Run with Los Muertos was held on undeveloped land near Shadow Hills. The third training session will be this Saturday, October 4 in La Quinta. Photo: Courtesy of Run with Los Muertos

Entry 2 – October 1, 2014

JOHNNY FLORES JR/Coachella Uninc

The second training session for Second Annual Run With Los Muertos was held Saturday, September 27. But since I was unable to go to the first session, this was the first day of training for me

Held on undeveloped land near Shadow Hills High School, the training session involved a lot of stretching and a ton of running. Dr. Brian Myers, of the Live Well Clinic, was leading the session and had us run in short bursts. Over and over, we would run for a good minute or two, then walk and then go back to running.

Heading into the training session I was not confident in my abilities. I did miss the first session, therefore I thought I’d be unconditioned and unable to complete the second session as they build on each other.

But fear not! I finished the second session with flying colors. Not once did I find myself stopping and gasping for air. I left the second session confident I run a 5k and with a new urge to get a gym membership. I felt really good after the run and had a ton of energy. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to say the same thing when the training intensifies next week when we head out to La Quinta to do some more running and take a yoga class.

It’s not too late to join Live Well Clinic’s intensive training program to prepare for Second Annual Run With Los Muertos, which will take place November 1 in Coachella. (The program is free with your $32 race fee.)

Join me at the third session this Saturday, October 4, at 3:45 p.m. We will meet at Evolve Yoga, 50991 Washington St., La Quinta.


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