Local Students to Host Higher Education Conference Today

June 26, 2012 /

Indio, Calif. — Local college students will host a conference today, June 26, at the Indio Public library from 3-4:30pm to discuss rising tuition fees and rising interest rates on student loans.

“With Congress considering Resolution 112, which would double the interest rates on the Stafford federal student loan program and public universities considering further tuition hikes, now is the time to urge elected officials to stand for an issue that goes beyond politics—our future as students of this Valley and this nation,” said Juan Vasquez, a Coachella Valley resident and student at University of California at Berkeley.

Among the topics of discussion will be a proposed increase on the interest rates on the Stafford federal student loan program, which will be up for consideration by Congress on July 1, and the proposed increase of tuition fees of public universities. These topics will be geared toward making a higher education more accessible and affordable for students of limited resources.

“We also hope to have a small discussion on Obama’s new deferred action policy and answer any questions the public may have,” said Vasquez in an email to Coachella Unincorporated. “The information is geared towards college students but we want to get the support of our community to help us ensure the future of our youth. After the conference we will create a resolution which we hope to present to our elected officials to urge them to support our cause.”

Affordable Student Education Realized (A.S.E.R), the local student group, will be hosting the conference with the hopes of addressing some of the issues that are affecting youth.  For more information, contact Juan Vasquez at (760)777-5171.


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