HealthCorps on Way to Creating a Healthier C.V. High

January 29, 2012 /

HealthCorps on Way to Creating a Healthier C.V. High

By Santos Reyes
Coachella Unincorporated

In October, television’s Dr. Mehmet Oz launched the HealthCorps initiative at Coachella Valley High School. Three months later, Coachella Unincorporated is checking in to see just how the initiative is being implemented at the school.

HealthCorps is a movement to get American students and communities across the country to take charge of their health to empower and educate youth and faculty about their bodies, their environments and their abilities to affect them.

One way this initiative is being carried out is through the “Fit for Life” program at Coachella Valley High School.

The program teaches students different ways to stay active and healthy. All students from C.V. High are invited to participate in this program. The group meets Mondays and Thursdays to learn
how to work out but also to learn ways to spread their active lifestyles to their family and friends.

HealthCorps coordinators empower teens in underserved populations to make simple lifestyle changes to enhance their well-being and resilience and take the message to friends, families and neighbors. The coordinator at C.V. High is Naomi Soto. She has joined forces with “ASES,” an after-school program for students to participate in activities, to create a program for students to live and maintain a healthy, active, lifestyle.

“I want to show them ways to stay active and that there is a space for them to exercise,” Soto said. Soto explained that if you’re not into sports, “Fit for Life” is the place to get a great workout. The group meets with a personal trainer to learn how to work out in the correct ways to keep from getting injured. Soto highly encourages that a gym membership doesn’t stop people from getting a great workout.

“Fit for Life” focuses on cardio and weight training. Soto is also working on getting a yoga instructor for the students to relax and get different perspectives of working out.

“Workouts are so much fun when you are with a group of people,” she said.

“Fit for Life” has many plans for the future—to continue its workout program and Soto says she is going to teach lessons on nutrition in March. The group has high hopes on impacting the lives of students at Coachella Valley High School and hopes to keep adding more new students. The goal is to spread active living and healthy nutrition not only through the students but to their loved ones as well.

“Fit for Life” is also recruiting people to join this movement. The group meets in the weight room inside the gym at the high school. Gabriel Rodriguez, a senior at Coachella Valley High School, has been participating in the group since it started.

“I like staying in shape and getting a good workout,” he said.

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